C P R | Community Preservation & Revitalization

Who we are

Community Preservation & Revitalization ("CPR") is the culimination of decades of combined real estate experience.  Our principals are well schooled in every facet of the real estate industry.  From investment to management to construction to brokerage -- this is what we do.

The CPR Group is about innovative solutions to socially responsible and sustainable profitability.  We are community activists that see underdeveloped areas as opportunities for magic where everybody wins!

Our eclectic portfolio demonstrates the range of our collective talents.  From luxury condominiums in Brooklyn to "outer urban" apartment developments in Cincinnati, CPR applies its know-how to finding, fixing and populating our residences.  We provide value for our end-users and the communities into which we operate.

We understand that value is added by innovation, creativity, know-how, and focused application.  When CPR acquires a project, it is with the understanding that it will be infused with our unique brand of social awareness and passion for creating better worlds for both our end-users as well as our investors.

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